Review: Legend Rider Series – Dengasher (Kamen Rider Den-O)

Legend Rider Series – Dengasher (Kamen Rider Den-O)
Retail Release – February, 2012 – ¥2,500


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In February of 2012, Bandai released a Legend Rider Series version of the Dengasher, Kamen Rider Den-O’s main weapon that can transform into a sword, rod, axe, or gun depending on which of his forms he is in. This was odd, given how there wasn’t any sort of Den-O related episodes, celebrations, films, or anything to help promote the product. It just sort of happened. I guess they figured they released a Legend Rider Series Den-O Belt, Keitaros, and Zeronos Belt, they might as well release a Dengasher too. The only real difference between this one and the original is the lack of an LED in the handle, which was fairly pointless in the first place. The Dengasher consists of four small segments that connect in various ways to make the four weapons. Sword mode is pretty neat. It’s more of a short sword given the fact it is a toy, but it does have some heft to it and would look great if the blade tip was longer. Rod form looks the worst, given how huge the rod is in the show, but again, it’s a toy. The handle even has a little wheel to turn as if you were reeling in a fish. The Axe mode is kind of more like a tommahawk, but it’s still kinda neat. The Gun mode is my favorite. It’s fairly large, feels great in the hand, and looks fairly accurate to the show. Each mode has two different sounds for attack it cycles through, as well as a generic sound when nothing is plugged into the handle. Overall, this toy surprised me. I hadn’t watched any reviews on it, and just received it as a thank you from Mr. S. The toy is actually cool! Sure, it isn’t the size of the prop from the show, but it’s still a great toy, and having four different modes is fantastic and adds a lot of playability to the toy. Given how it’s only ¥2,500 on average, it’s certainly worth the price and I recommend it to all Den-O fans who have yet to pick it up. A pleasant surprise.


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