Review: D-Arts – Mewtwo

D-Arts – Mewtwo
Retail Release – March, 2013 – ¥3,800


Gotta Catch Em’ All! Catch Mewtwo at CSToys International!

I honestly never expected this to happen. Pokémon has had a few decently poseable figures over the years, but never anything like this. Japan’s random merchandise copyright laws allow Bandai to take the license and use it in their ever random D-Arts line! As a Pokémon fan and a huge collector of Tamashii Nations products, needless to say I’m excited. The first Pokémon to be released is Mewtwo, the OG Legendary Pokémon. Mewtwo was released in March, 2013 for a whopping ¥3,800. Given his price, Mewtwo doesn’t include much. He comes with a Tamashii Stage shaped like a Poké Ball, an additional hand with a peg on it that can hold his last accessory: an effect part. Now this could be anything from Psychic to Psystrike. The instructions generically list it as “effect part” so who really knows. Also included as a first release bonus is a small in-scale Mew. Mew doesn’t move, but does include a second Tamashii Stage system that can plug into the Poké Ball Stage and float around next to Mewtwo. Mewtwo himself features articulation in all the right places. His tail even consists of 11 individual joints so you can pose it however you wish. His shoulder joints are a little tight (on my figure anyway) but it’s nothing you can’t work around. My only major complaint with the figure is that the joints are fairly noticeable, so it ruins the overall look of the figure in certain poses. However, despite that, Mewtwo is an exceptional figure. As long as you can hit the D-Arts QC target right and get a figure that doesn’t suck, Mewtwo rocks pretty hardcore. If you’re a Pokémon fan, don’t let this one slip by. Great start to the line and I’m really looking forward to Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur. Plus the box is neat.


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