Review: Deinochaser & Kyoryu Red Set (Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger)

Deinochaser & Kyoryu Red Set
Retail Release – March, 2013 – ¥3,800


Gaburincho! Grab your Deinochaser at CSToys International!

Red Buster had Cheeda Nick. They were sold together in a set. Kyoryu Red (and the others for that matter) have Deinochaser. Who woulda thunk it, we have another set! This is the Deinochaser & Kyoryu Red Set, a set that contains a slightly pose able Kyoryu Red, Deinos, Chase, and the #11 Zyudenchi: Deinochaser. Deinose and Chase are two tribes of Deinonychus that helped the 10 Great Zyudenryu in the past. Together, they unite with the Deinochaser Zyudenchi to become a motorcycle for the Kyoryuger to ride. Both Deinos and Chase don’t have much movement, and look sort of silly. They are roughly the same height as a Zyudenryu, just thinner or squatter since they aren’t full Zyudenryu and have no function with Kyoryuzin. The combined Deinochaser mode actually looks really cool, holds together well, and actually feels hefty. It fits perfectly in scale with S.H.Figuarts, so it will make a great add-on to our future Kyoryu Red S.H.Figuarts release. The Kyoryu Red that IS included with this is the same mold as the Red Buster of yesteryear, meaninghe’s got some head movement, shoulder movement, wrist movement, hip movement, and a swivel at the boot. Yeah, no elbow joint is a let down, but it still isn’t bad. Unfortunately the arms are the same red as the rest of the figure, so it’s a bit of a shame they couldn’t get that small detail right. The Zyudenchi does have function in the Gaburevolver to summon the Deinochaser, as well as functionality in Kyoryuzin to make motorcycle noises. Overall this is a really great set that I definitely recommend. However, for the price, you might feel it is a bit too expensive. If you can catch it at AmiAmi’s price, or even cheaper on Mandarake, definitely pick it up. At the full retail the worth is a bit questionable. Really cool release nonetheless.


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