Review: Plamonster Series 06 – Violet Golem (Kamen Rider Wizard)

Plamonster Series 06 – Violet Golem
Retail Release – March, 2013 – ¥2,500


Golem! Please! Grab your Violet Golem from CSToys International!

Our possibly last new release in the Plamonster Series (not counting the White Garuda) is none other than the shy old Violet Golem, Haruto’s fourth Plamonster. Violet Golem went on sale in March, 2013 for the standard Plamonster price of ¥2,500. In the show, Golem isn’t actually used (at least not currently) as a means of reconnoissance  but is instead a builder. He hangs out at the shop and builds things like the Wizard Ring Box, or fake Beast Drivers. Golem’s action gimmick is a button located on each arm that extends his fist forward as if he was punching. As with all the Plamonsters, Golem can use his pieces to combine with the others into whatever your heart desires. The box features a combination using Red Garuda, Blue Unicorn, Yellow Kraken, and Violet Golem to assemble a bipedal robot formation. Seeing as how the Garuda-Unicorn-Kraken combination was used in the show once, I think chances are we’ll see this combination at least once during Wizard’s run. You can also replace some pieces with those in Green Griffon and Black Cerberus to use all six Plamonsters in the formation. Overall, Violet Golem is an excellent addition to the series and has quickly become my favorite in terms of functionality, design, and personality on the show. Not only that, his pieces prove important in creating some pretty awesome combination monsters as well. If you’ve been collecting, there’s no reason to pass this guy  up. However, even on his own, he’s a great pick up and a nice little toy.


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