Stockpile Sunday Review: S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider OOO TakaGoriBa & GataToraBa

S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider OOO TakaGoriBa & GataToraBa
Tamashii Web Exclusive – June, 2011 – ¥6,825


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During the run of Kamen Rider OOO, a slew of S.H.Figuarts releases were shown at various Tamashii Shows. To get some of these random combos into production, Tamashii created sets featuring two random combos. The second (and last…) set released was that of TakaGoriBa (Taka, Gorilla, Batta) and GataToraBa (Kuwagata, Tora, Batta). This set was released in June, 2011 for only ¥6,825, which isn’t bad for two figures. Unfortunately both figures use Batta as the legs. The joints used on the Batta legs is pretty awful, meaning both figures have horribly floppy joints that make posing literally impossible (at least on mine, YMMV). While the figures in the set are comprised of components from figures you probably already own, the accessories have some uniqueness to them. Included in this set are the Unagi and Batta Candroids in both Can Mode and Droid Mode. Also included are two effect parts that show Cell Medals exploding at the impact. The first is an attachment to the included Medjalibur that snaps onto the blade. The second is a piece that can attach to the foot of either figure to act as a Rider Kick explosion.  Considering one of the figures has Tora as a body, two extended Tora Claws are included as well. Outside of those, the traditional assortment of hands for holding the Medajalibur, the Candroids, the O-Scanner, and looking badass. Overall, it’s honestly hard to recommend this set. While it is VERY cheap on the aftermarket, the set just doesn’t have any redeeming qualities. If you really want the Candroids or effect parts for your display, then I suppose it is worth it, but the two figures are pretty awful thanks to the crappy hip joints. If you’re absolutely in love with one of these combos and you can look past the crappy joints, then go ahead. Otherwise, it’s an incredibly easy pass. Your money is better spent on several other S.H.Figuarts releases that are definite must haves. Sorry OOO.


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