Review: S.H.Figuarts – Riderman

S.H.Figuarts – Riderman
Retail Release – March, 2013 – ¥3,000


Check out Riderman at CSToys International!

Riderman was released in March, 2013 for the reasonable price of ¥3,000. Riderman is an oddball. He’s the only Rider that’s technically a secondary Rider (second to V3) that is ranked among the main Riders, despite not having a show of his own. Riderman is also the only Kamen Rider to show a portion of his face. While Riderman doesn’t have the strength of Ichigo, Nigo, or V3 due to being a normal human, he makes up for it with his robot arm and unique gadgetry, sort of like a Kamen Rider Batman. Included with V3 is his human arm, Rope Arm, Drill Arm, and Power Arm (a crescent shaped blade). His Rope Arm can also convert into the Swing Arm (a flail weapon), or the Kama Arm (a sickle weapon). While he had some other arms between V3 and Kamen Rider Spirits, they aren’t included with the figure. Also included are two ropes (one shorter, one longer) that can attach to the Rope Arm to give an actual rope effect to the arm. Lastly six additional hands are included. Riderman is actually an awesome figure. Mine has no paint splotches, no loose joints, and has a fantastic sculpt. I was worried at how a realistic human face would turn out, but Tamashii did a fantastic job at capturing Riderman. Bravo for a great figure. I am honestly really impressed.


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