Stockpile Sunday Review: S.H.Figuarts – Birth CLAWS Set

S.H.Figuarts – Birth CLAWS Set
Tamashii Web Exclusive – October, 2011 – ¥3,150


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Welcome to another Stockpile Sunday, unfortunately this one is kind of lackluster. Following the release of Kamen Rider Birth, Tamashii Nations released his weapons, the Birth CLAWS as a Tamashii Web Exclusive release in October, 2011 for ¥3,150, roughly the price of a full new figure. Besides the CLAWS, you also get Date’s canister, as well as the Gorilla Candroid in both forms. The CLAWS consist of the Drill Arm, Crane Arm, Shovel Arm, Breast Cannon, Cutter Wing, and Caterpillar Leg. All of these CLAWS can attach to S.H.Figuarts Birth by switching out his back or chest plates, or by attaching a small clip to the legs or arms of the figure to act as a brace that stabilizes the new limbs. It’s worth noting you will have to remove his feet and hands to use the units, as they plut into those sockets. As you know, you can attach all of the units as once to turn Birth into his Birth Day Mode. In this mode, Birth loses most of his articulation thanks to the CLAWS units just taking up a lot of space and getting in the way and the Cutter Wing and Breast Cannon have tendencies of falling out. Thankfully they can also combine into the CLAWS Sasori (Scorpion) which can roll around and beat up the bad guys. It holds together pretty well, but unfortunately because of the way the Crane Arm is constructed, you can’t get a decent tail position going on the toy. While I don’t really have a problem with the pieces themselves, the lack of paint on this release is off putting. While there are a few bits of painted silver, the toy itself is cast in flat gray plastic that just looks awful. Both Birth Day and CLAWS Sasori would have heavily benefitted from having a ton of beautiful silver paint. Another drawback is just how good the OCC figure is. Outside of some weak joints on my OCC figure (YMMV on that), the combined CLAWS Sasori looks nearly identical, as does the Birth Day mode. When you can get the OCC set for ¥1,800 – ¥3,000 on the secondary market, it just seems less ideal to go after the S.H.Figuarts releases individually. If you already have SHF Birth, than I still push towards the OCC set. Not only do you get another Birth figure for nearly the same price as the CLAWS Set, you get the CLAWS Set as well that really has no huge drawbacks. Stick with the cheaper option hear guys, I can’t recommend paying more for little to no reason.


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