Stockpile Sunday Review: S.H.Figuarts – TaJaDol Combo Effect Parts Set

S.H.Figuarts – TaJaDol Combo Effect Parts Set
Tamashii Web Exclusive – August, 2011/January, 2012 – ¥2,100


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Our next Stockpile Sunday today takes a look at the other OOO Accessory Set, the TaJaDol Effect Parts Set. This was released twice through Tamashii Web: the first run was released August, 2011 while the second run was released January, 2012. I guess both OOO and this set was popular enough to warrant another run of the set. Each run cost only ¥2,100, which wasn’t that much, but considering what you get in the box, it’s hard to justify that price. Packed in this huge box is a thin plastic sheet that’s printed and cut to resemble the peacock feathers that appear when TaJaDol attacks. Pop off the cap on the back of TaJaDol and replace it with this and voila. That space can also be used for a far cooler accessory, the six wings TaJaDol receives through the Taka Head that for some reason only pops up on random things and never on TaToBa until he gets into a video game. Each wing is on a small hinge joint so you can pose the wings folded up or spread out. They look really neat and are honestly the biggest plus to this set. Also included are two legs that have the talons extended just like they are in his Prominence Drop Scanning Charge. They connect right at the thigh, as opposed to the knee, so trying to get them off is a huge pain unless your figure cooperates. The end effect honestly isn’t worth it. The final accessory is the Kujaku Candroid in both modes. The set also includes an exclusive Tamashii Stage featuring the Taka, Kujaku, and Condor O-Medal designs with his name and chant below it cast in a nice red plastic. If you’re a stage collector, I guess that’s another reason to get it. As it stands, this set wasn’t THAT expensive, but the aftermarket price skyrocketed despite being released twice. If you can find this set below ¥4,000 nowadays, consider yourself lucky. If you really like the accessory, then it’s not a horrible pick up. It’s unfortunate that the coolest thing in this set, the Taka Wings, can be found in OOO TakaJaBa, a figure that’s actually CHEAPER than this Effect Parts Set, and includes a whole new figure to play with. This recommendation is honestly a mixed bag. While I like the stage and the wings, knowing you can get the wings elsewhere makes it not worth it in the end, especially given the huge aftermarket price on this thing. Just save your money and buy more actual figures.


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