Haul: 04-23-13

Mandarake box get! This box was a random order when I found a bunch of cheap Fourze items I needed. I didn’t want them to vanish given how great the prices were, so I bit the bullet and went for it. In this box I got the Fourze Details of Heroes book, bringing my total of DoH books to three (W, OOO, Fourze). Really hope to get more of those soon. I also got the Hee-Hack Gun, Burgermeal, and the Magphone. This means I only need the Driver, Holwankof, the Cosmic Switch, Rocket Switch S-1, Legend Rider Switch Set 04, and the Meteor Stuff until I’m all done. Mr. S has got a Holwankof for me, and I got a Cosmic Switch from Oki (the rates on that thing are obsurd) so once I own those, I can finally hunt down my Driver! Woo. Yeah, I made it a point to get Switches 5-40 before getting the Driver, because I’m weird and wanted to make a challenge out of collecting these. Really hoping to find someone selling a Meteor Storm Shaft in the US because I know shipping on that thing from Japan is pretty awful. Ah well. Burgermeal is really neat. He’s my bro. Everything else is kinda awful.

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

04-23-13From Mandarake:
• Fourze – Foodroid Series 01: Burgermeal
• Fourze – DX NS Magphone
• Fourze – DX Hee-Hack Gun
• Detail of Heroes 07: Fourze


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