Review: Chogokin – Cho Gattai King Robo Mickey & Friends

Chogokin – Cho Gattai King Robo Mickey & Friends
Retail Release – March, 2013 – ¥12,800


Fantastic Formation! Grab your King Robo from CSToys International!

Chogokin is a line famous for its die-cast tooling and impressive robot builds. Despite Disney having a buddy-buddy relationship with Takara Tomy, Tamashii Nations has partnered with Disney to bring us “Cho Gattai” (Super Combination) King Robo Mickey & Friends, a combiner robot consisting of mecha versions of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto. This robot measures in at roughly 9 inches (220mm or so) tall, and retailed for ¥12,800, though it’s possible to get him at discount through retailers or secondary markets. Considering he costs roughly $130 at retail, you would expect a toy that’s tall with quite a few joints, but unfortunately that’s not what you should expect when picking this up. The combined robot lacks major articulation, and is only slightly more maneuverable than a typical Sentai Robo thanks to the way the transformation works that gives the toy some slight shoulder tilts and elbow tilts. The head is on a ball jointed piece so that’s certainly maneuverable  While the articulation is abysmal, that’s actually okay. The design of the toy is incredibly cool, with the individual robots all being modeled after their character with a neat robotic spin. It would be even cooler if they could change into a vehicle of some sort, but that’s asking quite a lot, and the robot modes are cool enough on their own. Each robot’s head has eyes, but that portion can be spun around to reveal the character in the cockpit of the robot piloting it; a really neat little touch. Combination is finnicky and there are a lot of small tabs and poles on the toy that can break really easy, so I suggest caution when transforming the toy, especially the first time. It’s not overly difficult, but it isn’t anything I would call easy either. The default fist hands can be swapped out with open hands that can hold the Dream Stick and Magical Mirror weapons that are created from Pluto’s kennel. Like I said, the combined robot can’t move much, but it is fairly stable in connection and makes for a great desk piece. The robots that create King Robo are Jet Mickey (body), Sky Minnie (back), Diver Donald (right arm), Aqua Daisy (left arm), Land Goofy (right leg), Dash Pluto (left foot), Pluto’s kennel (left leg and hips), and Ace Willie (the head). The individual forms of the robots can’t do much on their own, and feature minimal articulation in the arms and legs. It’s enough to pose them a slight bit, but nothing to get excited about. The individual robots range from 3″ to 6″ depending on who it is. While the individual forms make for a great display as well, I think the combined mode looks truly fantastic on display, and was designed pretty well.

As a first release bonus, the toy comes packed with six post cards featuring the pilot, their name, and their robot’s name. Each has the character on the card in their pilot outfit, resembling a group that could easily pass as a Disney Sentai team. Neat little bonus!

Overall, King Robo is a fantastic piece that just fails to be worth the high price tag. I love Disney, and I love gattai robos, so naturally this is a pairing made in heaven for me. I wish the end result had a little bit more articulation in the arms to pull off a little bit better of a display with his weapons. Minnie ends up feeling like a bit of a let down just being a glorified jetpack. The only other issue I have is the front decorative panelling of the robo ultimately getting in the way of Donald and Daisy. If they could move into the body just a tiny bit more, it would free up clearance for that rotation at the shoulder to come into play. As it stands, King Robo is an awesome release that just comes packed with a handful of flaws. If you can look past the lack of articulation, the overall lack of heavy die-cast, and fragility (not to mention the price tag) then I definitely recommend. However, I feel for most collectors the price is just too much for too little product. Regardless, it’s a success in my book and I really like it. Fantastic Formation!

Small Photo Gallery coming soon.

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