Review: Power Rangers Megaforce Hot Wheels (Series 2)

Power Rangers Megaforce Hot Wheels (Series 2)
Available at Most Major Retailers ($2.48 at Walmart)


Our second wave of Hot Wheels was released a while ago, but took an awful long time to reach Walmarts over here in southeast Michigan. I did find these shortly after release at a Toys R Us near me, but the $3.99 price tag over there kind of put me off, and I waited to find them for $2.48 at Walmart. The second series consists of the Snake Zord, Tiger Zord, and Lion Zord. The Snake Zord is stylized as a stretch…limo? Hard to describe, but it’s elongated and definitely sleek. The front features a well designed face (like the visor of the Snake Zord) and even has little fangs. The top has the Land Symbol on it. The Tiger Zord is stylized like a pick-up style monster truck with the tires replaced with tank treads. Like the Snake, the front has cool fangs on it and looks really cool. The Land Symbol is on the…forehead region? Finally the Lion Zord is a more stylized car vehicle complete with a beautiful matte finish with some nice silver paint. Unfortunately the matte finish and paint has scratching tendencies, so be careful. I like the look of it, and it captures the style of the Lion Zord perfectly. Overall, these three add a lot to the set, and it shouldn’t be long before we get the Phoenix Zord and some villain vehicles to go with them. If you’re a Megaforce fan, and like the look of these Hot Wheels, go for em. They’re neat little cars, and are certainly affordable. Pretty neat.


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