S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider Ryuga & Dragblacker

S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider Ryuga & Dragblacker
Tamashii Web Exclusive – March, 2013 – ¥4,200


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Ever since Ryuki was originally released, a Tamashii Web Exclusive set of Ryuga and Dragblacker was a no brainer. Jump to March, 2013, and Ryuga and his dragon buddy have finally been released through Tamashii Web for ¥4,200. Ryuga isn’t really all that amazing of a release. Sure, the figure is near flawless, and Dragblacker is all sorts of awesome. You just have to keep in mind that there’s nothing new here outside of a swappable visor for Ryuga’s eyes being visible. With that in mind, if you own Ryuki already, you know exactly how great this figure is. Ryuga himself looks great. I’ve always loved Ryuki’s design, and done up in Ryuga’s color, it looks stunning. The joints, with most Ryuki releases are tight as can be, and articulation is 100% functional. The matte finish on the black of the armor is great as well. Included with Ryuga is ten additional hands, the Darkvisor, his Strike Vent, two handles for his Guard Vent (the Guard Vent itself is made from Dragblacker’s claws), his Sword Vent via Dragblacker’s tail, and five Advent Cards (Advent, Sword Vent, Guard Vent, Strike Vent, and Final Vent). Also included is a Ryuga branded stand that comes packed with three arms to assist in posing Dragblacker and Ryuga. Dragblacker also looks really stunning. Dragredder looked really cool, but there’s something about Dragblacker’s color that slims him down and makes it look really sleek. He’s made up of multiple pieces connected via ball joints, so you can basically maneuver it around like a snake to get any pose you want. As I mentioned before, you can use the claws as Guard Vent and the tail as Sword Vent to act as additional accessories for Ryuga. Like I said, there really isn’t anything new with this release, but it doesn’t stop Ryuga from being superb. If you haven’t had the chance to own Ryuki, or you love Ryuki’s releases as much as I do, go after this release. Like most Ryuki releases, he goes for a hefty price on the secondary market, so if you can find him for ¥7,000 or lower, pick it up. Fantastic release with no flaws at all. The Ryuki line is simply one of the best.

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