Review: DX Axcalibur (Kamen Rider Wizard)

DX Axcalibur
Retail Release – April, 2013 – ¥5,500


Please! Grab your Axcalibur from CSToys International!

Double’s Prism Bicker, OOO’s Medagaburyu, Fourze’s Barizun Sword; It’s tradition for the final form to tote a large weapon to finish off his enemies. Wizard’s Infinity Style comes packing the Axcalibur, a sword that flips around to become a powerful axe that is basically the WizarDragon himself. The Axcalibur was released shortly after Infinity’s premier in April, 2013 for ¥5,500. Packed with the DX Axcalibur is the Infinity Wizard Ring, which gives Haruto access to the Infinity Style, a style that encompasses all facets of Wizard’s eight forms rolled into one diamond warrior. When you flip it on, you hear “Infinity!” along with Infinity’s iconic jingle. In Calibur Mode, the device plays two sounds upon trigger press while the red LED glows in the Dragon’s wing. Pass the Infinity Wizard Ring (note: ONLY the Infinity Wizard Ring will work) over the axe handle to hear “Turn On!” with a cool jingle. Now press the other trigger on the axe handle to hear two additional axe related sounds while the Dragon’s wings will glow red, blue, green, and yellow in a cycle. Finally, press the hand button down to hear “High Touch! Shining Strike! Kira Kira!” Kira Kira will repeat until you press the axe trigger down to activate the finishing attack. If you hit the hand button five times in a row, it will change to “Plasma Shining Strike!” and have a new attack. Overall, this is a fantastic toy. The Axcalibur clocks in at roughly 20 inches long, and thanks to the massive rubber blade and electronics system, the axe mode carries a LOT of heft to it. While I wish you could use other Wizard Rings to get new attacks like the WizarSwordGun, or the Barizun Sword, it’s still a large and hefty weapon that’s worthy of a purchase. With an unknown status in the Candy Toy Line, and only one confirmed release in both Gashapon lines, the Infinity Wizard Ring is going to be pretty sought after, so that’s just more reason to grab this release. Definitely worth it, I just wish it had a bit more functionality. Still really cool regardless.


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