Review: WAP! 08: Kamen Rider Beast & Beast Chimera and 10: Kamen Rider Beast Hyper (Kamen Rider Wizard)

WAP! 08: Kamen Rider Beast & Beast Chimera
Retail Release – March, 2013 – ¥4,000

WAP! 10: Kamen Rider Beast Hyper
Retail Release – April, 2013 – ¥2,300


L-I-O-N! Lion! Get your WAP! Kamen Rider Beast from CSToys International!
Hyper! H-H-H-Hyper! Get your WAP! Kamen Rider Beast Hyper from CSToys International!

In Fourze’s main figure line, Meteor had the luxury of coming with his bike, while Meteor Storm received a whole lot of nothing. For Wizard, Beast doesn’t have a bike, so he gets packaged with the Beast Chimera, the Phantom inside the Beast Driver that consists of a lion, falcon, dolphin, buffalo, and chameleon. Beast Hyper unfortunately receives nothing and is a pretty awful figure. To touch upon Beast Hyper, he’s a figure that shares most of the same articulation points as Beast and other WAP! toys, but unfortunately looks very plain. He comes packed with a horribly painted Mirage Magnum and a non-painted Dice Saber. While he’s not a bad figure, compared to how much playability the other WAP! figures have. Normal Beast fortunately makes up for the slack by being great. The figure itself isn’t hugely impressive, but the gold paint bounces nicely off the matte finish on the black plastic. The biggest plus is the Beast Chimera. Sure, he’s really small, but having a toy of him is really neat, and definitely a well included addition given Beast doesn’t have a bike. Of course, the Chimera is made up of all of Beast’s Mantles, so all four are included in this set. They don’t have any altnerate pieces, and the mantles aren’t pliable, so you’re stuck in certain positions, but they still look really great overall. While Beast Hyper is an easy pass unless you’re going for a complete set, Beast is a great pick up. You get a pretty nice looking Beast, a decent Dice Saber, all four mantles, and of course the Chimera, all for ¥4,000. Given the Beast SHF has no mantles (the Mantle Set is an exclusive), you’re better off getting the WAP if you want the mantles as well. Plus this is the only way to get the Chimera as of right now, so that’s a factor as well. Definitely go after Beast, but leave Beast Hyper hanging on the cyber-shelf.

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