Review: DX Wizard Ring Superhero Wars Set (Kamen Rider Wizard)

DX Wizard Ring Superhero Wars Set
Retail Release – April, 2013 – ¥1,000


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Wizard received some hip new Wizard Rings during the Movie War Ultimatum film. Flash forward to Super Hero Taisen Z, where Wizard gets some more! Wizard Ring Superhero Wars Set includes two new Wizard Rings and was released alongside the movie in April, 2013 for ¥1,000. This set includes the Super Sentai Wizard Ring, and the Miracle Wizard Ring. The Super Sentai Wizard Ring has the five Kyoryugers on it, standing above the Sentai “V” logo. This Ring allows the WizarDragon and Kyoryuzin to combine their attacks. The Miracle Wizard Ring is another teal-stoned Ring that allows Haruto to summon the WizarDragon from the Underworld into the real world. It’s logo is the dragon styled into a question mark. Also included is a Ganbaride card featuring Kyoryu Red and Wizard Flame Style on it. The Rings are also compatible with the WizarSwordGun, as well as the Shiroi Mahoutsukai Driver. Overall, the set doesn’t add much playability, nor does it make cool sounds like the Special Rush Wizard Ring from the last “Wars” Set. The Super Sentai Wizard Ring is a nice novelty though, especially for fans of Kyoryuger, and ends up looking pretty nice. As of this posting, neither of these rings are announced for Capsule or Candy Toy release, so if either of these tickle your fancy, I’d bite the bullet and get the set.


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