Unboxing: Pokémon TCG – Mega Aerodactyl-EX Premium Collection

Mega Aerodactyl-EX Premium Collection
$39.99 at most major retailers



The Premium Collections have generally released in two different forms, one for $49.99 that comes with a playmat, or one for $39.99 that comes with a pin. Released at the VERY end of XY: BREAKthrough’s run is the Mega Aerodactyl-EX Premium Collection. The set includes three promo cards (XY97 Aerodactyl-EX, XY98 Mega Aerodactyl-EX, and XY99 Aerodactyl Spirit Link), a jumbo version of Mega Aerodactyl-EX, a Mega Aerodactyl pin, a Mega Aerodactyl coin, and six booster packs (two XY: BREAKthrough, two XY: Ancient Origins, one XY: Roaring Skies, and one XY: Furious Fists). I could give or take the jumbo cards, as I’m honestly sort of tired of them, but the pins as always are top notch and look beautiful. If you’re a fan of Mega Aerodactyl, then this set is worth it alone for the multitude of different Aerodactyl themed goodies inside. At $39.99, I can’t help but feel these are a tad overpriced, but if you get something good in your packs, it could more than make up for it.


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