Opening 40 XY: Fates Collide Dollar Tree Packs! | Pokémon TCG

XY: Fates Collide Dollar Tree Packs
$1 each from Dollar Tree Stores


For those unfamiliar, these packs are purchased at Dollar Tree stores in the US. For $1 you get a three card Booster Pack that contains a common, an uncommon, and one random card that can vary from a common all the way to a Full Art! While they can certainly be a bust sometimes, if you hit it good, it’s well worth the investment. Unfortunately luck was most certainly not on our side this time around. Considering it was a fresh case, I doubt it was a case of it being weighed. Either the distribution is a lot tougher this time around, or I just whiffed completely. Might try this again soon, I might just let it go. It’s always a fun time, even if this one kind of sucked.

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