Opening 10 Fates Collide Dollar Tree Packs with KittenFaerie! | Pokémon TCG

XY: Fates Collide Dollar Tree 3-Card Packs
$1.00 Each from Dollar Tree Stores


When my girlfriend (KittenFaerie) was out and about on a run to the Dollar Tree, she picked up the 10 remaining Fates Collide packs from the huge box I mentioned in my previous Fates Collide Dollar Tree video. Being the meanie I am, we didn’t get to film, then I went to Nationals, and now that I’m back, she got impatient to the point where she took matters into her own hands! Join her as she opens up these 10 packs, and I make snide remarks in the background. Also watch as she gets better pulls than I did in 40 packs. Just my luck really.

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