Opening 4 Pokemon TCG XY – Steam Siege Promo Blister Packs

Single Pack Promo Blister – $4.99
Triple Pack Promo Blister – $11.99
Purchased from Walmart


Every set, two single pack promo blisters and two triple pack promo blisters featuring either an XY Black Star Promo, or a holo variant of a previously released card are released. Each set comes with a random coin, the promo card, and either one or three promo packs depending on what you pick up. All packs included are the newest set, Steam Siege.

Steam Siege brings us four all new XY Black Star Promos. The single packs contain XY139 Lucario and XY140 Floette. The triple packs bring us XY141 Rayquaza and XY142 Azelf. The coins I saw at my store ranged from Mega Rayquaza, Primal Kyogre, Pikachu, and the Hoenn Starters, but your milage may vary in terms of coin selection. While nothing is really to write home about, the art on all the cards, especially Floette, is really nicely done.

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