Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger – Cube Condor Review

DX Cube Condor
¥3,000 – August, 2016

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Cube Condor is the movie exclusive mecha (which, if the past is any indication, might pop up in the show once or twice) for Zyuohger. Instead of being an obvious Cube Eagle repaint, Bandai decided to do something a bit different. Bandai took the body of Cube Gorilla, remolded it to remove the gorilla bits, used the flaps on the arms to emulate wings, and shoved a remolded Big King Sword into the body to act as the Condor’s head and long neck. That’s honestly just brilliant. Cube Condor released early August, 2016 for ¥3,000 or so.

The Cube Mode is exactly what you would expect from Cube Gorilla’s body, with a “0” adorning the front of the toy. Transformation into Cube Animal mode is relatively simple, just folding out the arms, folding out the wing panels, and sliding the remolded Big King Sword to form the head, neck, and tail of the beast. Again, I love the ingenuity used for this toy. There was an easy way out, but Bandai decided to embrace the long neck nature of actual condors and make something new out of other toy pieces. It’s honestly really cool and I like it a lot.

In the film, Cube Condor combines with a taken over Cube Elephant and Cube Tiger to create Condor Wild. While this is the only combination, you can of course combine it with Cube Shark and Cube Lion to make what I would call Condor King. Feel free to mix and match to make any combinations you want. Cube Condor can also be used in various places throughout Wild Tousai King to make different formations if you so wish.

Overall, Cube Condor doesn’t form a solid robot on his own (tempted to buy extra Cube Elephant and Cube Tiger rising…) but is still a great addition to the collection. If you are by chance missing Cube Gorilla or what have you, this guy is a nice little substitution for various combinations. I love the thought behind it, and the overall color palette is pretty slick as well. Definitely recommended.

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  1. It may be worth noting that this cube CAN’T be used as an arm for Wild Zyuoh King, unlike the Cube Gorilla it’s retooled from, due to a missing internal catch.

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