Kamen Rider Ghost – DX Dark Ghost & Napoleon & Darwin Ghost Eyecon Set Review and Demo

DX Dark Ghost & Napoleon & Darwin Ghost Eyecon Set
August, 2016 – ¥2,200

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Every year, the summer movie introduces us to a few movie exclusive gimmick items. While this set unfortunately didn’t give us an early look at Kamen Rider Ex-Aid’s Gasshats, we do get three all new Ghost Eyecons that unlock three all new sounds in the DX Ghost Driver. As the name suggests, we get the Dark Ghost Ghost Eyecon, Napoleon Ghost Eyecon, and Darwin Ghost Eyecon. Each Eyecon features translucent sparkly plastic in black, dark blue, and orange respectively. Dark Ghost unlocks the “Dark Rider” sound, while Napoleon and Darwin unlock their respective namesakes. It was released in August, 2016 for ¥2,200 give or take.

Honestly, these are pretty neat for the Ghost Eyecon fans out there. Napoleon is easily the best sound I’ve heard from this device, and I love it to pieces. Napoleon for life.


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