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Review: 66Action Kamen Rider Series 5 (Figures 17-20)

66Action Kamen Rider Series 5 (Figures 17-20)
Candy Toy – March, 2015 – Around ¥500 Each


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Review: S.H.Figuarts EX – Battle Hopper & Acrobatter

S.H.Figuarts EX Battle Hopper & AcrobatterAfter the fantastic release that was Machine Tornador, I knew Battle Hopper and Acrobatter, the bikes for Black and Black RX respectively, were going to be released, as they were announced already. Being the silly complesist that I am, I had to get Battle Hopper and Acrobatter. Not having the money during initial pre-order, I moved to CSToys for my purchase (as I have since) and planned on purchasing one of the three sets they had available. However, Sintide no longer wanted his pre-order from Yokatta, so I paid him and took over his pre-order, so here we are today, with the bikes on my desk.

I’ll start with Battle Hopper. He’s my least favorite of the two, but he’s still a pretty fun bike. The metallic green paint used is vibrant, and, as always, the compound eye effect on the front of the bike is spectacular. I’ll be honest, there really isn’t too much to go into, as I don’t particularly have any complaints with the bike at all, it does exactly what it needs to do. The stand it comes with says “Black Sun” while showing a nice silhouette of Black and Battle Hopper, as well as the logo for the series. While the stand that came with the Machine Tornador was cool, the stands that come with these two blow it out of the water. I can only hope stands with future bike releases are as stylized and badass.

Acrobatter, which you non-Rider fans may know as Chopper from Saban’s Masked Rider, kicks all sorts of ass. Ever since Saban’s, I always liked Acrobatter’s design. It retained it’s bike looking form, while having a nice bug stylization at the same time. Again, the compound eye effect is great, and the metallic paint used is stunning. Again, not too much to say, as the bike is absolutely great. The stand that comes with Acrobatter says “Son of the Sun” which, while being an accurate translation, the usual “Child of the Sun” sounds so much better, but what can you do? Acrobatter is easily my favorite of the two.

Since these are just remoldings of the original Souchaku Henshin release of the bike (the SH release had one body with the two sets of chasis) the panels can be removed, and swapped if you so please. You can make Battle Batter or AcroHopper or something if you want. Fun! I actually am glad that S.H.Figuarts decided to release both of them individually, as I can now display both bikes at the same time, something everyone should know I’m picky about by now.

Overall, I love them. I was hesitant on picking them up at first, I haven’t seen Black or Black RX fully, but I’m glad I decided to bite the bullet and get them. Battle Hopper has some pretty sleek detailing, and show off the details of the chasis well. Acrobatter just looks plain ordinary badass, and I can’t help but love it. The fact that you can set these guys up on the stand in some sort of ramp jump Rider awesome is a fun addition, and currently how I plan on displaying my Black and Black RX. I highly recommend these two if you can find them on the secondary market.

Check out the evolving bikes here:

Review: S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider Black & Black RX

Let’s take a trip back to the Showa Era, shall we? A time where everything was simple, there was pretty much only one Rider per show, and a bunch of other facts I don’t feel like listing. In essence, these Figuarts define the Showa times well. Black, pulling a Kuuga Mighty, only comes with some changes of hands, as Black was a weaponless Rider. RX however does come with a snazzy Revolcane, besides being pretty badass in general.

I don’t have too much else to say about these guys other then the fact that I recommend them greatly, especially if you’re a a Showa fan. Or you know, you want some Saban’s Masked Rider love. You know you want that.

Check out the photo gallery here: *Coming Soon*