Datas Hyper vs. Sea Lion Blue Ranger Cycle

In Goseiger, the Goseiger had a robotic assistant that lived with them. His name was Datas, designed after the new Super Sentai Battle Dice-O Arcade Machine that was hitting Japanese arcades at the time. He sat around and acted as a mixture of Alpha and the Viewing Globe, alerting the Goseiger when there was an attack. Eventually he spawned his own Gosei Card that let him grow into Datas Hyper with the power of the Hyper Headder, a Headder that acted as Datas Hypher’s face. Datas Hyper was released as a toy in Japan and could transform between Arcade Mode, Robot Mode, and Hyper Mode. He could also combine with Gosei Great and the Brothers to create Hyper Gosei Great, acting as a headstanding backpack that some of the Headders could attach too.

In Megaforce, the character of Datas is being adapted into Tensou, Gosei’s robotic assistant. At the time of this post, it is unknown whether Tensou will retain any design elements from Datas or not. In a step to make us assume Datas is being written out entirely, Bandai America released the Hyper Headder as the Ultra Change Zord, and released it alongside the Sea Lion Black Ranger Cycle and Sky Lion Red Ranger Cycle  (Sealeon and Skyon from Goseiger) as the…Sea Lion Blue Ranger Cycle (why not the Hyper Change Blue Ranger Cycle I have no idea, but whatever). Given the fact that the Hyper Change Zord was now attached to a Lion leg, it gives you an additional Zord Builder piece to mess around with! Since Datas doesn’t exist, his role as a backpack is now designated to a combination of the three Zord Vehicles that can attach to form a backpack that can attach to Gosei Great to form the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord. This actually looks really cool.

Below are the key differences between the Japanese release, the DX Datas Hyper and the American release, the Sea Lion Blue Ranger Cycle. This comparison list uses the Japanese release as a basis and lists the differences the American release has over the Japanese release.

Differences between Datas Hyper and the Sea Lion Blue Ranger Cycle
• Datas is gone…
• Hyper Change Zord does not split open like the Hyper Headder
• Included is a Blue Sea/Sky Lion Mechazord leg the Ultra Change Zord can attach too
• Also includes a motorcycle wheel attachment to turn the Mechazord into a motorcycle
• Datas is very very gone…

If you know any differences that aren’t listed, let me know!

Comparison Photo Gallery

  1. I don’t really like datas

  2. I like how the sea lion cycle just sits there and does nothing while datas keeps on changing

  3. im guessing the heads arent interchangeable from one version to the next?

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