Gosei Blaster vs. Power Ranger Blaster

The Gosei Blaster was the main side-arm of the Goseigers, looking vaguely like a small laser pistol of some sort. It could fire on its own, but Headders could also be attached to gun to power them up for a stronger, element based attack. The toy featured a glowing barrel, standard sounds, and unique sounds depending on which element the Headder attached was. You would hear a jingle when the Headder is attached, and the attack sound would change. Included with the toy is a Shark Headder and Dragon Headder that have their visors down, the style the Headders had when they were attached to the Gosei Blaster. Also included is a Dragon Headder Gosei Card.

The Power Ranger Blaster, as generically named as it is, is the sidearm for the Megaforce Rangers. In design it is the same as the Gosei Blaster, with a few features removed. The lights are removed, giving it a golden barrel instead, and any sort of Zord recognition system is removed. Instead, you get an on noise, and three separate laser blasting noises. Included is a Blaster styled Dragon Zord. Also included is the Dragon Zord Power Card. All Megaforce Zords can be attached to the Blaster, however, it makes no difference on the sounds. Also added is a special feature where if you place the gun on a table edge to press a button on the tip of the gun, and slam down the orange fin on the top, the Zord will fly off and zip around on the table. You can also press the fin down, and then press the button on the tip of the gun to simply launch Zord anywhere you really please. That’s always an option too.

Below are the key differences between the Japanese release, the Gosei Blaster and the American release, the Power Ranger Blaster. This comparison list uses the Japanese release as a basis and lists the differences the American release has over the Japanese release.

Differences between the Gosei Blaster and the Power Ranger Blaster
• PR Blaster is smaller
• PR Blaster’s fin lacks paint detailing
• Dragon Zord is smaller
• Zord recognition system removed
• Zords can now “fire” off the Blaster
• PR Blaster has no sounds
• Shark Zord is not included

Comparison Photo Gallery

  1. Gosei Blaster has a crosshair on the fin.

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