Gosei Buster vs. Megaforce Blaster

In Japan, the Goseiger’s personal weapons were released in two separate sets: the Sky Buster Set featuring the Skick Sword and the Skick Shot and the Land-Sea Buster Set featuring the Landick Axe, the Landick Claw, and the Seaick Bowgun. Each set came with its respective dynamic cards, giving you an additional five Gosei Cards if you bought both sets. The Skick Sword featured slashing sounds, with a “Gosei Dynamic” sound being activated when the Skick Shot was attached to create the Sky Buster. The Landick and Seaick weapons could also combine to form the Land-Sea Buster, which could further be combined with the Sky Buster to create the Gosei Buster. The only action feature of the Land-Sea Buster Set is the tip of the Seaick Bowgun going back and forth when the trigger is pressed. The Gosei Cards can be inserted into the weapons for the final attack.

Megaforce obviously uses the same weapons, and actually sells them in the same manner. Instead of labeling them by their combination, they are instead labeled by the individual weapons and “Battle Set”. Thankfully they retain the amount of Power Cards, giving you five new Power Cards spread across the two sets. Like the Japanese release, the cards can be inserted into the weapons, but only the Dragon Sword and Shark Bowgun can house the cards without them sticking out. Just like the Japanese release, the Dragon Sword has slashing sounds, and a blasting sound when the Phoenix Shot is inserted. The Shark Bowgun now has a full firing missile and comes with an extra in case you lose one. The weapons can also be combined to form the Megaforce Blaster, but like the Japanese version, nothing really new is added except for effect.

Below are the key differences between the Japanese release, the Gosei Buster and the American release, the Megaforce Blaster. This comparison list uses the Japanese release as a basis and lists the differences the American release has over the Japanese release.

Differences between the Sky Buster Set and the Dragon Sword and Phoenix Shot Battle Set
• Dragon Sword and Phoenix Shot are smaller
• Phoenix Shot is A LOT smaller
• Sounds are different
• Phoenix Shot makes a click when the trigger is pressed
• Power Card sticks out the back of the Phoenix Shot
• Missing paint applications

Differences between the Land-Sea Buster Set and the Snake Axe, Tiger Claw, and Shark Bowgun Battle Set
• All weapons are considerably smaller
• Snake Axe and Tiger Claw do not move at all
• Shark Bowgun has a firing missile
• Method of combination is different
• Power Cards hang off the Snake Axe and Tiger Claw
• Missing paint applications

Comparison Photo Gallery


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