Gosei Ground vs. Gosei Grand Megazord

This is actually a very odd situation. In Japan, Gosei Knight’s main mecha was Gosei Ground (or Grand if you want to ignore the show’s romanization and go with the obvious pun…even though Ground is a pun too…) which consisted of Groundion, Skyon, and Sealeon. The robot’s head (as well as Groundions) was made up of the Groundion Headder, which was actually Gosei Knight. To replicate this, the Groundion Headder has the ability to change into a Gosei Knight figure. They were sold in a complete set together in Japan.

For Megaforce, the Lion Mechazord (Groundion) apparently used too much of the plastic base to be released at the Deluxe Megazord price point (or Bandai just saw a huge money making opportunity) and all three components of the Gosei Grand Megazord were sold individually as the Lion Mechazord, the Sky Lion Red Ranger Cycle, and the Sea Lion Black Ranger Cycle. Together this costs roughly $50 give or take, quite a bit more than your standard Megazord. On the plus side, the Lion Mechzord has a tank mode! That’s exciting.

Both the Japanese and American releases can combine with Gosei Great (Megazord) to form their final combination, Ground Gosei Great in Goseiger, and Gosei Great Grand Megazord. The Groundion Headder (Lion Zord), Skyon Headder (Sky Lion Zord), and Sealeon Headder (Sea Lion Zord) can attach to the Hyper Gosei Great/Ultra Gosei Great Megazord formations to create Hyper Ground Gosei Great in Goseiger, and an unnamed formation that may or may not actually be in Megaforce. Let’s call it Ultra Gosei Great Grand Megazord, because that makes sense.

Below are the key differences between the Japanese release, the DX Gosei Ground and the American release, the Lion Mechazord, Sky Lion Red Ranger Cycle, and the Sea Lion Black Ranger Cycle. This comparison list uses the Japanese release as a basis and lists the differences the American release has over the Japanese release.

Differences between Gosei Ground and Gosei Grand Megazord
• Gosei Grand Megazord is much smaller
• Face is a powder blue instead of a darker blue
• Ports are differently colored
• Number of paint applications missing
• Gosei Grand Megazord’s arms have missle launchers

Differences between Groundion and the Lion Mechazord
• Lion Mechazord is much smaller
• Lion Mechazord features missile launchers on the legs
• Robo Knight figure is smaller
• Uses a flat gray plastic instead of silver paint
• Lion Mechazord has a Tank Mode
• Missing paint applications

Differences between Skyon and the Sky Lion Red Ranger Cycle
• Noticeable paint applications missing
• Sky Lion comes with motocycle pieces and a Red Ranger figure
• Sky Lion is much smaller
• Noticeable mold differences (lacks fin, wings less solid, etc.)

Differences between Sealeon and the Sea Lion Black Ranger Cycle
• Noticeable paint applications missing
• Sea Lion comes with motorcycle pieces and a Black Ranger figure
• Sea Lion is much smaller
• Noticeable mold differences (deck details missing, wings still included, etc.)

Comparison Photo Gallery

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