Landick Brothers Set vs. Land Brothers Zord Vehicle

Instead of having auxiliary robots that combine with the main one, Goseiger took a different approach with their Headder gimmick. Each set of Headders contained three Headders that belonged to that specific Gosei Tribe. These would then attach to Gosei Great’s ports and create a new formation. Since Bandai America did not want to release Zords all by their lonesome, Bandai America attached them to a hovercraft like vehicle and distributed them in the Zord Vehicle assortment (the way auxiliary Zords were distributed in Samurai).

The second to be released in Goseiger was the Landick Brothers Set, which consisted of the Kuwaga Headder, the Sai Headder, and the Tyranno Headder. Each one had their own action gimmick. Kuwaga Headder’s horns move when the lever on top is pulled. A dial turns the Sai Headder’s drill. Tyranno Headder’s mouth chomps up and down as you roll him around. They were brought into Megaforce as the Land Brothers, made up of the Beetle Zord, Rhino Zord, and Dino Zord. Together they could combine with Gosei Great to form Landick Gosei Great, called Land Megazord in Power Rangers Megaforce. Another formation appropriately called Another Landick Gosei Great was used once in the show. It is unknown if it will be used in Megaforce or not.

Below are the key differences between the Japanese release, the Seaick Brothers Set and the American release, the Sea Brothers Zord Vehicle. This comparison list uses the Japanese release as a basis and lists the differences the American release has over the Japanese release.

Differences between the Landick Brothers Set and the Land Brothers Zord Vehicle
• Zords are much smaller than Headders
• Assorted paint applications are missing
• Beetle Zord has no lever (the horns move manually)
• Rhino Zord’s drill no longer moves
• Dino Zord’s mouth doesn’t open when rolled (it can open manually)
• Zord Vehicle included for Zords to attach to when not in use

If you know any differences that aren’t listed, let me know!

Comparison Photo Gallery


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