Leon Cellular vs. Robo Morpher

The Leon Cellular is Gosei Knight’s…Tensou Device? Being a Headder, Gosei Knight has no real transformation device. However, by inserting a three digit code and a Gosei Card into the device, it will activate the card. For the toy, you don’t need any Gosei Cards, just the codes to play the sound. This made it a popular item for importers, since the cards that came with many of the expensive toys weren’t necessary to get the most of the toy.

The Robo Morpher unfortunately got shoved into the Basic Weapons Assortment of Megaforce, putting it in the same price point as the awful Samuraizer we got last year. Thankfully the Robo Morpher doesn’t look like a McDonald’s toy like the Samuraizer does. While still small, the Robo Morpher has a lot of Leon Cellular paint apps, with the biggest difference being the clear screen on the Robo Morpher is now a sticker on the outside and inside. Thankfully the screen designs are still intact on the sticker. Most of the sounds are now gone, only retaining five total sounds: Turn On, Change Gosei Knight, Change Groundion, and Combine Gosei Ground sounds. Also the cards stick out horribly on such a small Morpher.

Below are the key differences between the Japanese release, the Leon Cellular and the American release, the Robo Morpher. This comparison list uses the Japanese release as a basis and lists the differences the American release has over the Japanese release.

Differences between the Leon Cellular and the Robo Morpher
• Robo Morpher is incredibly small
• Has no transparent screen, two stickers instead
• Includes 1 Power Card (instead of 3 Gosei Cards)
• Only has five sounds
• Keypad is one button instead of multiple buttons

Comparison Photo Gallery

  1. there is a comparison you did not mention or use yet, Lion Mechazord Vs Groundion.

  2. i now know what im buying from this one, the leon cellular not the robo morpher. it was too bad BOA couldn’t do better on it.

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