Tensouder vs. Gosei Morpher

The Tensouder is the Changer for Goseiger, resembling an Easter Island head, styled after Master Head. The Goseiger could transform by pulling down the mouth of the Tensouder, insterting a card, and closing it, changing “Tensou!” as the device invoked/summoned (tensou, in Japanese) the power of the Gosei Card. The Japanese release included five Gosei Cards: Gosei Red Change Card, Gosei Dragon, Gosei Sword, Gosei Great, and Twistornado. While it could read other Dice-O cards and activate phrases like “Red Senshi!” the sounds in the Tensouder were packed full of Goseiger related sounds, having unique summoning sounds for all of the Headders, Gosei Machines, Gosei Weapons, Mecha formations, etc.

Despite what many people believed, both the Tensouder AND the card game were brought over for Power Rangers Megaforce as the Gosei Morpher and Power Rangers Action Card Game respectively. Megaforce is by all means our 20th Anniversary season and is being treated as such! Not only is the Gosei Morpher stunningly accurate to the Tensouder, it’s designed purely around our anniversary. While the sounds made purely for Megaforce are very generic, the Gosei Morpher is chocked full of sounds dedicated to the anniversary, including sounds for every season, nearly every Ranger, and even Megazords! To show this off, an additional five cards are included: the Red Rangers from Jungle Fury, Ninja Storm, Wild Force, S.P.D., and Mystic Force.

For a full list of sounds, sound clips, and even printable cards, visit RangerCrew’s in-depth Gosei Morpher page!

Below are the key differences between the Japanese release, the Tensouder and the American release, the Gosei Morpher. This comparison list uses the Japanese release as a basis and lists the differences the American release has over the Japanese release.

Differences between the Tensouder and the Gosei Morpher
• Gosei Morpher is thinner
• Gosei Morpher includes a belt clip
• Includes 10 Power Cards over 5 Gosei Cards
• Includes multiple phrases for past seasons (MMPR-Super Samurai)
• Eyes do not change color
• Bottom hole is hollow
• Inside of Morpher is Black instead of Red
• Some paint detailing differ

Comparison Photo Gallery

  1. Could you show the tcg mode on the bandi one?

  2. Jacob the tcg switch is in the third position after on mode. it doesn’t matter if i myself buy either the gosei morpher or the tensouder because they both do the same things. both of them do work with each others cards, i saw it in a review that wasn’t yours shuken shinobi.

    • Steven they don’t do the same things the tensouder has only one mode and the gosei morpher has 3 I would know because I have them both. The tensouder cards are smaller than the gosei morpher cards so you cant put the gosei morpher cards in the tensouder but you can put the tensouder cards in the gosei mopher.

  3. Where do I get gosei morpher alert sound?

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