Shuki Sales

All good things must come to an end, and unfortunately these toys have to find a new home. Here are some guidelines for purchasing:

– Send an e-mail to with a list of the figures you’re interested in purchasing.

– Buying is done on a first come, first serve basis, and I will be going through and responding to the e-mails in the order I get them. If a deal falls through, the item will go to the next person.

– Prices are negotiable, just ask and we can work something out!

– Prices do NOT include shipping.

– I don’t have pictures just yet, but all figures and toys are in superb condition, and I’m more than willing to take pictures before final purchase, just ask!

– I try to ship out twice a week. While I want to be as speedy as possible, life is busy, and gathering up all the necessary accessories and boxes takes a little bit of time. I’ll be as fast as I can!

– I have no problem with International shipping, but international buyers should know the process will take longer and international shipping charges could get pretty high.

– Most shipments will be done with USPS Priority Shipping to ensure a fast, safe, and easy shipping process.

– Payments are done using Paypal only. Thanks!

Red = On Hold

Shuki’s Sales

Real Action Heroes/Project BM!:

Kamen Rider Kick Hopper – $75


Kamen Rider Den-O:

Negataros Imagin (Tamashii Web Exclusive) – $20

Kamen Rider Fourze:

Power Dizer – $35

Kamen Rider Gaim:

Kamen Rider Gaim Jimba Lemon Arms – $40

Kamen Rider Baron Banana Arms – $40

Kamen Rider Baron Lemon Energy Arms – $45

Lord Baron – $50

Kamen Rider Gaim Pine Arms & Kamen Rider Baron Mango Arms – $60

Kamen Rider Gridon Donguri Arms – $35

Kamen Rider Kurokage Matsubokkuri arms – $65

Kamen Rider Bravo Durian Arms – $40

Kamen Rider Malika Peach Energy Arms – $35

Kamen Rider Sigurd Cherry Energy Arms – $35


Omegamon (Animation Ver.) – $85

WarGreymon (Animation Ver.) – $80

DokiDoki Precure:

Cure Heart – $30

Cure Diamond – $60

Cure Sword – $60

Cure Rosetta – $60

Cure Ace – $60

Marvel’s The Avengers:

Thor (Age of Ultron) – $50


Ultraman Ginga – $75


Cure Blossom – $15

Cure Marine – $15

Cure Peach – $15

Cure Moonlight – $15

Tsubomi Hanasaki – $15

Eas – $15

Kotetsu T. Kaburagi – $15

Barnaby Brooks Jr. – $15

Blue Rose – $15

Dragon Kid – $15

Child Barnaby – $15


Kamen Rider Gaim Orange Arms – $45

Kamen Rider Ryugen Budou Arms – $65

Kamen Rider Zangetsu melon Arms $65

Makai Kado:

Garo (Original Release, No Box) – $50

Zero (Original Release, No Box) – $40

Kiba (Original Release, No Box) – $60

Gouten – $200

Raigou – $150

Ginga – $100

Jaaku – $50

Lord – $75

Bado – $75

Garo Shou – $80

Crow – $80

Kokaku Jushin Garo – $100


Mario – $45

Luigi – $40

Kirby – $40

Pokemon G.E.M. Statues:

Jessie & Wobbuffet – $60

James & Meowth – $60

Misty, Togepi, & Psyduck – $60

Brock, Vulpix, & Geodude – $60

Nurse Joy & Chansey – $60

Gary & Eevee – $60

May & Torchic – $60

Ash, Pikachu & Lapras – $100

Lillie & Alolan Vulpix – $70

Kamen Rider Roleplay Toys and Gimmicks:



Kamen Rider Kiva:

DX Sagarc Belt – $30

DX Zanbat Sword – $35

DX – Ixa Calibur – $25

Kamen Rider W:

DX Dopant Memory – $10

DX Memory Memory – $5

DX Prism Memory – $5

DX Joker Memory (2-in-1 Ver.) – Apparel Exclusive – $20

DX Xtreme Memory – $30

DX Trial Memory – $25

Premium Bandai Dopant Memory Set – $100
(Package is a large, thin square. I’d be more than happy to ship with no packaging to SIGNIFICANTLY reduce shipping cost.)

Premium Bandai T2 Memory Set – $100
(Package is a large, thin square. I’d be more than happy to ship with no packaging to SIGNIFICANTLY reduce shipping cost.)

Candy Toy and Gashapon GaiaMemories (Organized by Set)

DX Sound Capsule GaiaMemory 1 – $3 Each

Rider 1 Memory (Rider Sticker)

Decade Memory (Rider Sticker)

DX Sound Capsule GaiaMemory 2 – $3 Each

Ryuki Memory (Rider Sticker)

Momotaros Imagin Memory (Version 1)

DX Sound Capsule GaiaMemory 3 – $3 Each

Kiva Memory (Rider Sticker)

Kuuga Memory (Rider Sticker)

Urataros Imagin Memory

Kintaros Imagin Memory

Ryutaros Imagin Memory

DX Sound Capsule GaiaMemory 4 – $3 Each

Xtreme Memory (Rider Sticker)

Trial Memory

Diend Memory

New Den-O Strike Form (Rider Sticker)

Deneb Imagin Memory

Zeronos Altair Form

DX Sound Capsule GaiaMemory 5 – $3 Each

Momotaros Imagin Memory (Version 2)

Decade Complete Form Memory (Rider Sticker)

DX Sound Capsule GaiaMemory 6 – $3 Each

Metal Memory (Shotaro Voice Line)

Den-O Climax Form Memory (Rider Sticker)

Sieg Imagin Memory

Amazon Memory (Rider Sticker)

DX Sound Capsule GaiaMemory 7 – $5 Each (Unless Marked)

Double CycloneJoker Memory

Double CycloneJoker Xtreme Memory

New Den-O Strike Form Memory

Kuuga Memory

Shippuu Memory ($20)

Kirifuda Memory ($20)

DX Sound Capsule GaiaMemory 8 – $5 Each

Wizard Memory

Fourze Cosmic States Memory

Kiva Emperor Form Memory

Den-O Liner Form Memory

Faiz Blaster Form Memory

Ryuki Survive Memory

Agito Shining Form Memory

Rider 1 Memory

Rider 2 Memory

Riderman Memory

Stronger Memory

Black Memory

Shin Memory

J Memory

DX Sound Capsule GaiaMemory 9 – $5 Each

Fourze Memory

Decade Complete Form Memory

Kabuto Hyper Form Memory

Blade King Form Memory

Kuuga Ultimate Form Memory

V3 Memory

X Memory

Skyrider Memory

Super-1 Memory

ZX Memory

Black RX Memory

ZO Memory

Sound GaiaMemory 1 – $3 Each

Faiz Memory (Holofoil Sticker)

Den-O Memory (Holofoil Sticker)

Sound GaiaMemory 2 – $3 Each

Kabuto Memory (Holofoil Sticker)

Sound GaiaMemory 3 – $3 Each

Xtreme Memory (Cyclone Ver.)

Xtreme Memory (Joker Ver.)

Blade Memory (Holofoil Sticker)

Agito Memory (Holofoil Sticker)

Sound GaiaMemory Best Selection – $5 Each

Double Memory (Lenticular Sticker)

Kuuga Memory (Lenticular Sticker

Ryuki Memory (Lenticular Sticker)

Faiz Memory (Lenticular Sticker)

Kabuto Memory (Lenticular Sticker)

Den-O Memory (Lenticular Sticker)

Kiva Memory (Lenticular Sticker)

Sound GaiaMemory Legend Rider Special – $3 Each

Double Memory

Kuuga Memory

Ryuki Memory

Faiz Memory

Kabuto Memory

Den-O Memory

Kiva Memory

Kamen Rider Fourze:

DX Hi-Hack Gun – $10
(Fire Switch Included)

DX Rocket Module – $10

DX Rocket Switch S-1 – $10

DX Drill Switch S-3 – $10

DX Astro Switch Set 01 – $3
(Chainsaw and Parachute Switches Included)

DX Legend Rider Switch Set 01 – $5
(Rider #1, Decade, OOO Switches Included)

DX Legend Rider Switch Set 02 – $5
(Ryuki, Kuuga, Agito, Rider #2 Switches Included)

DX Legend Rider Switch Set 03 – $5
(Den-O, Faiz, Hibiki, V3 Switches Included)

DX Legend Rider Switch Set 04 – $5
(Stronger, Amazon, X, Kiva Switches Included)

DX Legend Rider Switch Set 05 – $5
(Riderman, Blade, Kabuto, Double Switches Included)

DX Magic Hand Switch – $3

DX Magic Hand Switch – $3

Kamen Rider Drive:

Premium Bandai Signal Bike Legend Set Signal Bikes – $15 Each
Signal Legend Kuuga
Signal Legend Agito
Signal Legend Kabuto
Signal Legend Fourze
Signal Legend Wizard

Kamen Rider Ghost:

Candy Toy Gaim Eyecon – $5

Kamen Rider Gaim:

DX Budou Ryuhou – $15

Lock Vehicle Dandeliner – $15

Lock Vehicle Tuliphopper – $15

DX W Lockseed – $15

DX Fourze Lockseed – $15

DX Wizard Lockseed – $15

Custom Capsule Cracked Himawari Lockseed – $15

Custom Capsule De-Powered Suika Lockseed – $15

Capsule Lockseed Showa Rider Legend Set – $130

Capsule Lockseed Armored Rider Set – $30

Candy Promotion Candy Toy Golden Orange, Banana, and Budou Lockseed Set – $80

Gaim Lockseed Theater Special Clear Ver. – $15

Xmas Lockseed – $10

Fresh Pine Lockseed – $10

Orange Lockseed (Namco Orange Ver.) – $15

Gaim Board Game with Roulette Lockseed – $20

Legend Rider Lockseeds – $5 Each

SG Den-O Lockseed
SG Kuuga Lockseed
SG Agito Lockseed
SG Faiz Lockseed
SG Rider 1 Lockseed
SG Den-O Climax Form Lockseed
SG Black RX Lockseed
SG Ryuki Survive Lockseed
SG Faiz Blaster Form Lockseed
SG New Den-O Lockseed
SG Fourze Cosmic States Lockseed
Capsule Decade Lockseed
Capsule Kabuto Lockseed
Capsule Blade Lockseed
Capsule Kiva Lockseed
Capsule Shocker Combatman Lockseed

Kamen Rider Build:

DX Drill Crusher – $25
– Includes Harinezumi Fullbottle

DX Fullbottle Buster – $40

DX Gattling Fullbottle – $4

DX Obake & Parka Fullbottles – $30

DX Fullbottle Sets – $8 Each
DX GorillaMond Fullbottle Set
DX RocketPanda Fullbottle Set
DX OctopusLight Fullbottle Set
DX PhoenixRobo Fullbottle Set
DX SmaphoWolf Fullbottle Set
DX RoseCopter Fullbottle Set
DX TurtleWatch Fullbottle Set
DX ToraUFO Fullbottle Set
DX ShikaMid Fullbottle Set
DX KirinCyclone Fullbottle Set
DX Mahoutsukai & Orange Fullbottle Set

Sentai Roleplay Toys:


Samurai Sentai Shinkenger:

Mogyuu Bazooka with Hiden Disk – $25

Tensou Sentai Goseiger:

Gosei Buster (Sky Buster and LandSea Buster Set) (No Cards Included) – $25

Ressha Sentai ToQger:

Renketsu Bazooka with Energy Ressha – $20

Candy Toy Items:


66Action Series Figures – $5 Each
Kamen Rider 20. Kamen Rider Black
Kamen Rider 23. Kamen Rider Kuuga Mighty Form
Kamen Rider 24. Shadow Moon
Kamen Rider 26. Kamen Rider Blade
Kamen Rider 27. Kamen Rider Agito Ground Form
Ultraman 02. Ultraseven
Ultraman 06. Ultraman Leo
Dragon Ball 01. Super Saiyan Son Goku
Dragon Ball 01. Super Saiyan Son Goku
Dragon Ball 03. Super Saiyan Vegeta
Dragon Ball 03. Super Saiyan Vegeta

Vinyl Figures:


Rider Hero Series – $5 Each
Kamen Rider Kuuga Rising Titan Form
Kamen Rider Zeronos Zero Form
Kamen Rider Kiva Kiva Form
Kamen Rider Kiva Bashaa Form
Kamen Rider Kiva Dogga Form
Kamen Rider Ixa Save Mode
Kamen Rider Ixa Burst Mode
Kamen Rider Rising Ixa
Kamen Rider Saga
Shiroi Mahoutsukai
Phoenix Phantom
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Action Gamer Level 2
Kamen Rider Brave Quest Gamer Level 2
Kamen Rider Snipe Shooting Gamer Level 2
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Robot Action Gamer Level 3
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Hunter Action Gamer Level 5
Kamen Rider Para-DX Puzzle Gamer Level 50
Kamen Rider Para-DX Fighter Gamer Level 50
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer

Other Items:


Ultraman Chiki Chiki Monsters (Wind-Up Toys) – $5 Each
EX Red King
King Joe
Kemur Man

Godzilla Egg Series – $5 Each
Burning Godzilla
Godzilla (1994)
King Ghidorah


MP-33 Masterpiece Inferno (Never Opened) – $100

MP-36 Masterpiece Megatron – $200

MP-29 Masterpiece Shockwave – $125

MP-17 Masterpiece Prowl (No Box) – $75

US MP-06 Masterpiece Silverstreak – $80

US MP-07 Starscream – $80

US MP-02 Masterpiece Soundwave (No Box, Includes All Cassettes) – $175


  1. Sheesh, if I wasn’t leaving my current life behind for two years, I’d totally buy stuff.

  2. Really interested in the Hurricane and Water Dragons. Would love to take them off your hands!

  3. on hold means reserved or?

  4. I like wargreymon has it been sold yet?

  5. Do any of these come with their boxes or MISB?

  6. If possible, I’m interested in Kamen Rider Gatack, Drake, TheBee, and Sasword figuarts.

  7. If you still have PunchHopper for sale please let me know. I would love to have a complete set of Hell brothers. Thanks!

  8. Oh yeah, Sasword and Kixa are on hold for me /o/ i need those bad boys!!!

  9. will you sell your lunatic sh figuart, or oragami cyclone

  10. Is New Den-O Strike Form still available? And does it come with the stand?

  11. Shuki, I sent an email with a lot of them. Hopefully it gets to you in time.

  12. are you gunna sell any pokepla’s ?

  13. Kamen Rider Destiny

    So the Fourze figuarts are still available?

  14. Origami Cyclone! How can I get that?

  15. kamen rider decade sh figuart please

  16. Why the hell are you selling?

  17. Basti Olaguera

    Are the SHF Kamen rider the First figures still for sale?

  18. The Gouraiger set: figs or mechs?

  19. Is the gouraiger still available

  20. Christopher Korfiatis

    I know that they’re not listed, but do do have any 66action figures left?

  21. Can I still place an order for an item that’s on hold?

  22. Is this all free shipping?

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